Grumpy Old Men

oldmenThe America Dream goes something like this: Find a way to do better than your parents did financially, either by getting an education that helps you land the job of your dreams, or pursue something that you are good at and receive significant remuneration for your efforts; all with the end game of collecting enough money so that you can retire to a life of ease, so that you can do more golfing, fishing, gardening, traveling, etc.  If that is the American Dream, I don’t want any part of it.

God did not create us or redeem us to pursue a life of ease and retirement.  Don’t get me wrong, I think we should prepare for the time when we allow the younger generation to do more of their part and involve themselves in a greater way; and I think a good 401k or Roth IRA should be a part of good financial planning, but not so that we can retire to cruises, golf courses and lazy boy chairs.

No place in the Bible does it indicate that at a certain age we can use the excuse “Well, I’m retired.” or “Let somebody younger do it.”  I love to travel, play golf and take a good nap in my lazy boy; but I am not looking forward to doing more of it when I am retired.  On the contrary, I am looking forward to doing more for the Lord in my retirement years.  I am sure that there will be some things that I cannot do when I get older (I suppose that comes with the territory); but I flat-out refuse to sit and watch the advancement of the God’s kingdom from the sidelines.  Let these hands stay dirty for the Lord until he calls me home because I want to go with my boots on!

I was at a government meeting several months ago where I saw in the back corner several retired men.  Each one of them had a complaint.  Each one of them wore a scowl.  They were the quintessential group of what grumpy old men look like.  They had reduced themselves to complaining about things in this life that matter very little, like yelling over and over again “You kids stay off my lawn!”  I absolutely refuse to turn into that kind bitter, grumpy, small, retired man.  I want my retirement to be my welcome home party into the presence of my Savior.  Until then I want to stay full of joy, passion, spiritual hunger, adventure, delight, eagerness, service, activity and love for my Lord.  I hope that you will join me in this pursuit.  God knows we don’t need any more grumpy old men!

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